MN Billboard Project works with Minnesota artists to inspire progressive social change.
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We’ve reserved two billboards in close proximity to the Minnesota Fairgrounds for display early August through Labor Day 2021 to be viewable during The Great Minnesota Get Together. Nearly 2 million people attend the Minnesota State Fair every year! People from all walks of life throughout the state attend the fair, and this gives our designs a chance to be seen by even more people. We are completely funded by donations! Please consider a $5 donation to ensure these designs are installed!

Destiny A. Davison (she/her/they/them).  This year’s contribution is titled “Pathway to Change” and was released for virtual viewing on July 9. (image above!) Destiny is a writer, illustrator, cartoonist and multi-media maker from the Midwest. Her work explores the real, the unreal, and the in-between. Find more of Destiny’s work at Destiny A Davison Website, Instagram , Facebook , and Twitter.

Noah Lawrence-Holder (they/them) collaborating with Petra Lee (she/her). This year’s contribution is titled “Black Asian Solidarity/Fundamental Change” and will be released for virtual viewing on July 16. (image above!) Noah is a black, nonbinary artist from Madison WI, now based in the Twin Cities. Their work consists of illustration and animations centered around racial justice, equity, intersectionality and gender identity. They have featured work in gallery shows highlighting queer and black artists across Minneapolis and beyond.  Find more of Noah’s work at Noah Lawrence Holder Website  and Instagram. Petra Lee’s work focuses on the intersections of person, time and place, and opens conversations about history, culture, memory and displacement. She was born and raised in Singapore before moving to Vietnam and subsequently the United States, where she trained as a fine artist and graphic designer in Minneapolis, MN. She has since shown her work in both solo and group exhibitions locally and across the US. Find more of Petra's work at Petra Lee Website and Instagram.

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