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2020 Voter Engagement Billboard Designs

"In Your Hands"

Alexandria Ulve (she/her)

Location: Hamline/Midway, St Paul, MN

"My Life Has Value"

Stephanie Wisdom (she/her)

Creative Wisdom LLC

Location: North End, St Paul, MN

"Black. Trans. Unafraid."

Noah Lawrence-Holder (they/them)

Location: Frogtown, St Paul, MN

Not pictured 2020 honorable mention:

"Your Voice, Future, Vote, Identity Matter" by Destiny Davison (she/her/they/them)

"Stand Up and Be Counted" by Madelinekarita Fleming AKA QueenKongki (goddess)

"Don't Just Imagine" by KT Lindemann 

"Vote 2020" by Alanna Collins (she/her)

"Vote 2020" by Kaitlyn Pepp (she/her)

"Action is Power" by stace of spades

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